The amazing travels of a bronze jingle bell with the face of a tiger, across the Eurasian continent and beyond. by Fekke de Jager © 1994-2023  
Tiger bells in Eurasia
These   pages   used   to   contain   the   result   of   the   search   for   the   history   of   the   tiger   bells. Over    the    years    the    number    of    contributions    by    the    visitors    of    these    pages    had increased   in   such   a   way   that   it   had   become   difficult   to   maintain   the   interactive structure   of   the   site. We   decided   to   compile   the   entire   content   of   the   site   into   a   digital format:   PDF.   The   content   is   divided   over   two   volumes   which   can   be   downloaded   at no   cost.   Volume   1   is   about   the   Classic   tiger   bell   (also   known   as   type A).   Volume   2   is about    the    Continental    type    (type    B),    the    Himalayan    type    (type    C)    and    the Alternatives.   For   both   volumes   a   cover   is   added   as   well.   The   resolution   of   both volumes   is   150   DPI,   good   for   viewing   on   a   computer   screen   or   monitor,   and   for printing.   The   files   can   be   read   in   any   reader   software   that   handles   the   PDF   format. We   recommend   the   PDF   to   be   viewed   in   double   page   view:   this   shows   the   pages   in pairs. The book consists of the following PDF files: TigerbellsVolume1.PDF, 55 Mb, 150 DPI, 213 pages. TigerbellsVolume2.PDF , 20 Mb, 150 DPI, 86 pages. CoverTigerBellsVolume1.PDF CoverTigerBellsVolume2.PDF Please note: When   downloading   a   cover:   once   the   download   is   completed   the   cover   will appear on the screen immediately. When   downloading   the   PDF   with   the   book   content,   a   white   page   will   appear   on the   screen.   This   is   the   first   page.   By   scrolling   down,   the   following   pages   will appear. If you wish to save the PDF’s, please, do not forget to save them. In case your download speed is very slow the PDF’s can be ordered by sending an e- mail to: fekkedejager(at)gmail(dot)com Please, include in the e-mail: your e-mail address and some words on what has sparked your interest in the history of the tiger bells. The files will be sent to you through Fekke de Jager © 1994-2023