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Tiger bells in Eurasia - Update 2019
website content available in PDF format

The content of the website is now available in PDF format. The resolution is 96 DPI which is sufficient for viewing and reading on a computer screen or monitor. The file can be read in any reader software that handles the PDF format. We recommend Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site. This software allows the content to be viewed in double page view. For those who wish to make a printed version of the report, a PDF file in 300 DPI is available. Please contact us through the Contact us-page.

After the PDF was finished several new cases were reported and objects received or bought. These cases and several corrections and improvements are now taken up in the updated version 2019.

March 2020: Errors in the Index have been corrected.

June-August 2020: Minor corrections and additions were made. This version is now available for download on this page.

An introduction into the report is given in English and in French, summarising the most important observations.

Screen version
Download the PDF file in 96 dpi
22 pages
Click on the link

Extract in English, 3Mb

Extrait en Français, 3Mb
Full book - Screen version
Download the PDF file, screen resolution
in 96 dpi, 231 pages
Tiger bells in Eurasia - Update
2020, 20Mb

NB: After clicking on the link the file is downloaded and shown on the screen.
To store the download on your hard disk you will have to save it.

The book is not for sale. For the time being it is freely available to anyone who is interested in this study. However all texts, all illustrations and other contents are protected by copyright. Other use than for private study and interest is prohibited unless specific permission is granted by the copyright holders. In case of use of any material published in this book the source, author and copyright holder(s) must be notified..

Errata (all are corrected in the updated version)

Page 17: Grelot: tête de tigre... page 103 should be page 105.

Page 69: Among the 74 should be case 75.

Page 90: This bell is a type A tiger bell.... case 151 should be case 166, 146 should be case 161.

Page 119: caption 245.... (case 23) should be (case 24).

Page 123: First paragraph ...(case 105, 105) should be (case 115, 113).

Page 133: Caption 260, 261....(case 23) should be (case 24).

Page 137: Paragraph 'Campbellpore District', last line ...Indonesia, case 23 should be 24.

Page 139: Last paragraph....cases 150 - 152 should be cases 160 - 162.

Page 148: First paragraph case 114 should be case 113,

case 145 should be case 161.

Page 165: 11th line: ...My yakbelt (case 159)... should be: ...My yakbelt (case 171)...

Page 175: Last paragraph...fro Korea (case 132 should be from Korea (case 142).

Page 181: Second paragraph...Syria, case 183 should be case 193.

Page 187: Third paragraph...Burma (case 95) should be case 96,

Korea (case 133) should be case 143.

Page 188: Last paragraph ...Nepal (case 180) should be case 181.

Page 91, 92: The name of the shaman was confused with another shaman in the same report: Delgar Bugu should be Bar Saman.

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