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Introduction (intro.htm)

Various types, design and name (details.htm)

Bells, mirrors, masks and other decorations (MasksAndMirrors.htm)

Alternatives (alternatives.htm)

Opinions and updates (opinions.htm)

Reports of cases per country (reports.htm)

Afghanistan (afghanistan.htm)

Bangladesh (bangldsh.htm)

Bhutan (bhutan.htm)

Burma (burma.htm)

Cambodia (cambodia.htm)

China (china.htm)

Two bronze bells from ancient China (liaobel.htm)

Great Britain (greatbritain.htm)

India (india.htm)

Indonesia (indonesi.htm)

Inner Mongolia (China) (innermongolia.htm)

The tiger bells of Hanggai (HanggaiBells.htm)

A shaman costume in the museum in Hohot (Hohot.htm)

Japan (japan.htm)

Kazakhstan (kazakhstan.htm)

Korea (korea.htm)

Laos (laos.htm)

Malaysia (malaysia.htm)

Malta (malta.htm)

Middle East (middle_east.htm)

Mongolia (mongolia.htm)

A shaman's head dress? (ShamanHeaddecoration.htm)

Nepal (nepal.htm)

Pakistan (pakistan.htm)

The Philippines (phils.htm)

Russia (russia.htm)

Siberia (siberia.htm)

Quotes from Shamanism in Siberia (quotes.htm)

S. M. Shirokogoroff (Shirokogoroff.htm)

Singapore (singapore.htm)

Syria (syria.htm)

Taiwan (taiwan.htm)

Thailand (thailand.htm)

Tibet (tibet.htm)

Turkey (turkey.htm)

Vietnam (vienam.htm)

The West (thewest.htm)

Observations and conclusions (conclude.htm)

The Ultimate Shaman Costume (TheUltimateCostume.htm)

Distribution of type A tiger bells (DistributionAbells.htm)

Distribution table of all types of tiger bells (tableold.htm)

List of illustrations (pictures.htm)

Acknowledgements (acknowledgements.htm)

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