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Tiger bells in South Asia


Tiger bells are of the B type and an alternative.

Group: Unknown, probably common
Two type B tiger bells, one small, one large, bought in Dacca but said to come from Chittagong. The small bell has square hoop, there are no Chinese characters. The other bell is of the large B type.
Reported in 1988 by Anton Budde.

Two small tiger bells, bought in Dacca, said to come from Burma. On the top half of one of the bells are three characters which look more or less like S.J.S. The design is so different that this bell is classified as an alternative.
Reported in 1988 by Annemarieke Koch.

Dimensions: wide 2,7 cm. high 2,7 cm. side 2,7 cm. hoop 1,2 cm.

The curves on the upper part of the bell
resemble the characters S.J.S.
Photograph: courtesy Annemarieke Koch

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