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March 2023

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Tiger bells in Eurasia
The amazing travels of a bronze jingle bell
with the face of a tiger, across
the Eurasian continent
and beyond.
Fekke de Jager

These pages used to contain the result of the search for the history of the Tiger bells. Over the years the number of contributions by the visitors of these pages had grown in such a way that it had become difficult to maintain the interactive structure of the site. We decided to compile the entire content of the site into a digital book. The book is now available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free. The resolution of the file is 150DPI, good for reading on a monitor screen and for printing by any printshop.

These webpages now contain the introduction, information about the variations in the design, on the different types and on the distribution of the bells.
For more information and instructions on how to download the book Tiger bells in Eurasia, click here.

by Fekke de Jager

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