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Tiger bells in Southwest Asia

Middle East

One tiger bell, A type.

Region: Middle east
Country or region not mentioned

An advertisement on E-bay with the following heading:

Antique Islamic pendant necklace, original old jade beads and ancient bronze bell.

Two photographs are added:


Photographs: no details available

The necklace is described as:

Unusual and rare Islamic pendant necklace with original old jade stone beads and ancient bronze bell pendant from the 15th-16th centuries. Middle Eastern Arab style. This pendant necklace is a beautiful combination of old jade beads and an ancient bronze pendant, it's quite extraordinary and unique in its shape. Looks much more beautiful than the pictures! Length necklace 9.5" ( total 19")

The bell is heavily worn and is covered with a green-blue patina that indicates a considerable age. No further details were given. Given the length and the quality, this necklace was not intended for animal use (as would be custom with jingle bells in the area).

NB: To read some notes on tiger bells in Islamic countries, go to the Afghanistan- page.

Reported by Harald Lux (Germany) in December 2011

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