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Tiger bells, type A

Tiger bell, border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan (2 views)
Tiger bell, border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan (2 views)
Tiger bell, border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan (2 views)
Tiger bell, Islamic, 1700 - 1800 (2 views)

Wooden yak bell with a tiger bell

Antique horse bell from 1800, on E-bay (5 pictures)
Antique horse bell from 1880, on E-bay (3 pictures)
Boys hat from the Hmong, South China, with two tiger bells (3 pict.)
Brightly colored woven belt with four tiger bells (2 pict.)

Bundle of bells with two tiger bells, bought in Shaanxi province (4 pict.)
Four tiger bells, from South Shantung
One tiger bell, bought in Nanking, from the Kuang Hsu dynasty
One tiger bell, bought in Xi'an
One tiger bell, unusually large, with variations in the design (3 pict.)

Sketch of an shaman's apron, Tungus of Manchuria

Costume for a Numinchen female shaman, Mancuria
Costume for an Imin Numinchen shaman, Mancuria

Great Britain
Four strings with at least ten tiger bells, in Sir Richard Burton's mausoleum, London
String with several tiger bells, in Sir Richard Burton's mausoleum, London (5 pict.)
Heavily worn bell, possibly type A, found by metal detector in Wales (3 pict.)

One tiger bell, used for horses

One tiger bell type A, together with one tiger bell type B, in the Mankunegara kraton, Solo

A walking stick with one tiger bell, from Kalimantan (2 pict.)
Baby carrier decorated with shells, beads, panther fangs and several tiger bells; Mahakam
Baby carrier with 16 tiger bells; Mahakam
Baby carrier with beadwork, shells and tiger bells; Mahakam
Baby carrier with five tiger bells, Kutei region (2 pict.)
Baby carrier with twelve tiger bells, Kalimantan (2 pict.)
Bundle of four bells of which one is a tiger bell
Bundle of two bells of which one is a smaller tiger bell
Drawing of a tiger bell with the caption 'Hawk's bell on Kayan necklace (Peek Coll.)
Tiger bell, tied to a child's ankle as an amulet; Kenyah
Twenty tiger bells of varying size, with round hoops; on a belt worn by a shaman; Benuaq
Two tiger bells in a bundle with other bells, Bahau
Unknown object (possibly two) with two tiger bells attached

Sulawesi - Toraja
Belt with seven tiger bells
Page with various bells, from 'Art in Celebes'
Tiger bell from page in 'Art in Celebes'
Collar from beads and several tiger bells

Tiger bell on a semara, Toba Batak
One tiger bell, roughly made; Batak, possibly Toba

Several tiger bells, found by traditional divers in the river Musi; Lampung

Two tiger bells, used for cats; from Sungai Puar, Minangkabau

One tiger bell, said to be used for horses

Four tiger bells on a horse harness, East Timor
Small tiger bell, Timor

Inner Mongolia (North East China)
Several tiger bells, on shaman's headdress, Tungliau
Shaman's costume with over 60 tiger bells, Solon

Detail of the Solon costume
Detail of the Solon costum: the bronze mask
Detail of the Solon costume: tiger bells and toli
One, probably three tiger bells on a shaman costume
Drum set of popgroup Hanggai featuring a bundle of tiger bell (2 pict)
Drum set of popgroup Hanggai featuring two bundles of tiger bell (4 pict)

One newly made copy of a classic type A tiger bell attached to a key ring (2 pict.)

Bundle of 99 new jingle bells for a mudang, one is a tiger bell, type A? Vienna Museum (2 pictures)
Bundle of many new jingle bells for a mudang, two are tiger bells, type A? on E-bay (2 pictures)

Bundle of several mudang bells, new
A classic bell, roughly made, new
Three small tiger bells, new (3 pict.)
Very large tiger bell, from Korea but probably made in China

An Iban ceremonial sword belt with hornbill beak, beadwork and one tiger bell
Bidayu necklace with one tiger bell, several small bells, animal teeth, and beads
Iban man holding a small tiger bell, in Longhouse Rumah Jamping
Iban necklace with old beads and three tiger bells, from Kapit
Iban woman with collar made of beads, with bundle of six tiger bells (2 pict.)
Large tiger bell, Iban (2 views)
Several necklaces in a Bidayu longhouse near Kuching; all bells are tiger bells
String with a tiger bell, tied to a carrier, in Longhouse Rumah Jamping
Tiger bell, with cowry shells, Iban
Tiger bell, with long hoop, Iban (2 views)
Tiger bell, with red and green patina, Iban
Two tiger bells, Bidayu
Two tiger bells, possibly Bidayu
Various tiger bells, all type A, from Bidayu and Iban, found in an ethnic curio shop in Kuching

Two tiger bells, chrome plated, on a back plate, part of a horse harness (3 views)

Middle east
One tiger bell, attached to an antique Islamic pendant necklace (2 views)

Mongolia - Formerly Outer Mongolia
Illustration in the Grove's Dictionary of Music: one tiger bell, used as an amulet
Shaman's costume, with two tiger bells, Mongolia
Two of the thirteen tiger bells, on the head dress of a shaman' costume (2 pict.)
Thirteen tiger bells, on the head dress of a shaman' costume (7 pict.)
Two large tiger bells, on the head dress of a shaman's costume, Darchad (2 views)
Two tiger bells, possibly alternative with engraved design, possibly new

Five tiger bells, on a set of two wooden anklets
Tiger bell, circa 1600-1700 AD (2 pict.)
Seven tiger bells, circa 1800 AD (27 pict.)

The Philippines
Mindoro - Manggyan
Manggyan women with a necklace with one tiger bell as an amulet, Mindoro

Two tiger bells, Manggyan (2 pict.)

Mindanao - Bagobo
Two tiger bells, one large and one small

Four tiger bells, in a bundle that was tied to a woman's belt
Pubic shield with tiger bells, Bagobo

Three bells of which two are tiger bells, on a hemp belt

Mindanao - B'laan
Dancing girdle with tiger bells, B'laan

Mindanao - Lanun
Two tiger bells on a sword from the Lanun

Mindanao - Mansaka
One tiger bell, together with many ordinary bells, on a girdle

Girdle with two worn tiger bells, Mansaka

Mindanao - Maranao
Two tiger bells, on a kampilan (sword), possibly Maranao (6 pict.)

Two tiger bells, found in a potato field near Tver, Russia (3 pict.)

An Ewenk shaman
Four tiger bells, on the back of a shaman costume, Ewenk (3 pict.)

Several tiger bells, on a Mongol shaman costume, from Costume of the Russian Empire, 1803 (2 pict.)
Twelve tiger bells, on a shaman's costume, Ewenk (2 pict.)

Two shamans with costumes more or less similar to the Solon costume, Ewenk

Thirteen tiger bells, on the girdle of a shaman's costume, Nanay

Drawing of a shaman's tree, Nanay (2 pict.)

Shaman's coat with at least 25 tiger bells, Manjagir (2 pict.)

Newly made tiger bells, used as a key hanger

Belt 'kamelin' with seven to nine tiger bells, Puyuma
Nine tiger bells, on a belt, part of a dance costume; Ami

Two tiger bells type A, used as animal bells, used by Karen, said to come from Burma
One tiger bell,, hanging from a wooden phallus with garlands

One tiger bell, probably used for dogs

One small tiger bell, silver plated, on a silver prayer mill
One tiger bell with design in high relief; described as: Folk Bronze Tiger face Bell Wish happiness & longevity Tibetd:

One tiger bell, bought in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (2 views)
Two tiger bells, bought in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (6 views)

A horse harness with seven tiger bells, Yao Mien
One tiger bell (4 views)

Tiger bells, type B

Two tiger bells (6 pict.)

Three tiger bells

One small tiger bell, bought in Xi'an

Smaller tiger bell from Mahabalipuram (Tamil Nadu)
Yak or horse belt with 8 tiger bells, from India

Five tiger bells, from a Hmong village, bought in Luang Prabang (10 pict.)
Tiger bell, common, bought in Luang Prabang (2 pict.)

One tiger bell type alternative B, called 'demon bell', (4 views)
One smaller tiger bell, tied to a belt, used for dogs, Akha, said to come from Burma
Tiger bell, gold painted
Typical type B tiger bell

Yak belt with eight bells (two missing), from New Delhi, Tibetan Refugee market (2 pict.)
Yak belt with tiger bells
Two tiger bells, type B and C

Two tiger bells, used by Hmong shamans (2 pict.)
Smaller tiger bell, in a box with ritual objects, Yao Mien (2 pict.)

Type C

Type D


Alternative bells with 'dragon face'

Other illustrations


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