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Tiger bells in the Middle East


Tiger bells are of an alternative type

Several newly made alternative tiger bells, sold in a hardware store in Damascus. Bells are sold and used, both individually and, in larger numbers attached to leather horse belts. The bells are said to be produced locally*. They come in several sizes. Here the largest and the smallest are shown.
Dimensions: large bell, diameter: 4 cm., height: 3,2 cm.; small bell, diameter: 1,2 m., height: 0,9 cm.

The tiger head motif is there although not very clear. The 'Wang' character and a shape probably inspired by a Chinese character on the 'forehead' are present. The teeth surrounding the 'mouth' are however replaced by what seem to be whiskers which make the face look more like a cat. Therefore these bells belong to the group of alternatives. The small bell is clearly a tiger bell as well, although because of the size, much detail is lost.

*The fact that the bells are locally made is questionable as an identical bell is reported in Korea.

Collected and donated in April 2005 by Annemarieke Koch.

The largest and the smallest tiger bell

A design inspired by a Chinese character, on the 'forehead'

Dimensions of the large bell:
wide 4 cm.. high 3,9 cm., side 3,2 cm., hoop 1 cm. rectangular

Dimensions of the small bell:
wide 1,1 cm., high 1 cm., side 0,8 cm., 0,5 cm. rectangular

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