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Tiger bells in West Asia


Group: unknown
One type A tiger bell

In the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, Annemarie and Henk Orsel from Eindhoven (Neth.) bought three tiger bells of different sizes. The bells are of the type A and similar to the tiger bells as seen among groups in Indonesia and other Asian countries. The bells were in a large tray, together with other amulets such as Hands-of-Fatima and Evil-Eye amulets. The shop owner did not know any details.
The bells were fairly cheap, about 10 lira (appr. € 5,-).

It is very well possible that the presence of these bells is purely coincidental and has nothing to do with migration movements or religion. However, the fact that several ethnic groups in Turkey have their roots in North East Asia, and that they practiced a form of shamanism in pre-Islamic times should make us cautious (see also the paragraph at the bottom of the page).
Type A tiger bell, bought in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey.
Photographed from both sides.
Dimensions: wide 3,2 cm., high 2,8 cm. side 2,1 cm., hoop 1 cm. rectangular

Two type A tiger bells, bought in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey

The same bells viewed from below showing the flattened shape

The same bells showing the top half of the 'forehead'

The same bells, showing the side that is more worn.

The same bells showing the side that is less worn.

Dimensions of these bells:

The left bell: diameter front: 3,4 cm.; diameter side: 2,7 cm.
The right bell: diameter: 3,1 cm.; diameter side: 2,3 cm.

Reported in 2008, and the first bell donated to the author, by Annemarie and Henk Orsel, Eindhoven

For notes on the arrival of tiger bells in Afghanistan, North East Pakistan and Turkey please go to the paragraph on Malang, Sufi's and Mistics and the paragraph on the Hazara on the Afghanistan page.

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